Info/FAQ Settings Student Page


1/29/20 -- Account link at the top of Settings page.

Updates have been minor, but the next will allow you to create your own course block, with your own course title and link.

8/29/19 -- Site Maintenance -- 8-10PM EST -- The database will stop receiving new info and move to a new server. The switch may only take a minute, but we want to allow for testing.

8/3/19 -- Two big changes -- You will now get to the student page directly after logging in by clicking on the student name. You can also now reorder the lessons on the Settings page. There are words Move Up / Move Down that you can use to reorder a student's lessons. You'll have to do it uniquely for each student.

7/20/19 -- You can now switch students at the top of the Settings page.

6/21/19 -- You can now register yourselves and log in immediately after creating an account.

6/9/19 -- Added a way to have extra classes: extra math, extra electives, etc. The link to the "extras page" is under the course boxes on the Settings page. The extra courses will show up on the student page, but not the Settings page. Make any adjustments on the Extras page.

5/26/19 -- Added Delete Student. Found on Settings Page under Edit and Add Student. Click on Delete Student. Then click one more time to confirm the removal of the student.

4/22/19 -- I've been working on this for about a year. It's almost ready to release. When a new feature is added, I'll add it here. I've deleted off my old list. It's already come along way!

I don't keep updates here anymore. Go to All-in-One Homeschool and look for What's New in the menu.